Is it possible to export or share a dashboard in the desktop app?

I’m using Metabase for a client and finding it quite useful. They’re impressed with it and might buy a full version if I can get one of their internal people onboard and using dashboards. I know that sharing is one of the big features of your paid version, but the ability to do a one-off share would be very helpful in making the case for a sale. Is there a way to extract the dashboards (and preferably the config, so they could just copy something and be up and running)?

We’re not charing. You can spin up a copy on any server you have access to and just recreate the dashboard. Happy to help you get that going if you don’t have an aws or heroku account yet.

We’re playing with the idea of letting you upload all the contents of a mac application to a server, but that’s still a pretty far time off.