Is it possible to fetch database data from Metabase REST API?

My goal is to retrieve data hosted on my database, in a JSON format in order to use them from DataStudio, so I can generate graphs to be displayed on a website.

I’d like to use the data already provided by my Metabase “questions”, I wonder if that’s possible, and how. (because it’s easier to use/configure and avoid hard-coding SQL queries, so that other people can update the question if needed)

I’ve found the doc related to the REST API at but I’m not sure what endpoint is meant to do what I need.

Hi @Vadorequest-sl
Yes, it’s possible. The easiest way to find the right endpoint is just to use the Metabase interface, while opening your browser developer toolbar on the Network tab.
You’re most likely looking for this endpoint: POST /api/card/:card-id/query/:export-format

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Thank you! It’s exactly what I needed :slight_smile: