Is it possible to have Dashboard level filter?

I am creating several dashboards and the product is amazing. However I want the end user to filter the dashboard charts on the fly without going into individual questions to do that.

Is it possible to current do this in metabase?

Not possible yet, but we’re working on it.

You can preview the design in the main issue describing it -

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Thanks Sameera.
Any ETA for the release of this feature?

Not yet. We’re in the middle of 0.17. It’s definitely not going in there. It’ll either be in 0.18 or 0.19, which will be out in about a month and two months respectively, but we haven’t committed to a version number for them.

Hey Sameer,
Is there a way to embed the metabase UI within existing web form of an application that we have. It will help us to scale with metabase if we can do that.

Please advice