Is it possible to use multiple plugins/drivers for the same database but both with different versions?


I am using MongoDB at the moment and we have two MongoDB instances with different versions.
We were trying to connect to both versions of MongoDB from metabase but the older version seems to be incompatible with the driver metabase is using (mongo.metabase-driver.jar).

Is it possible to add another older version of the MongoDB driver to to the plugins directory?
I haven’t tried yet but i was wondering how the drop down menu will look like (two menu components of MongoDB will appear?) when i add a database connection.

Metabase Version:

Version of old MongoDB driver we want to add:

You’d probably end up with 2 Mongo drivers listed in the Metabase UI. However packed in each plugin driver .jar file there should be a “metabase-plugin.yaml” file that determines how each driver is presented. So you could modify that file to distinguish them. Jar files are basically the same as zip files. Not sure if this would violate the Metabase license though! Please consult a lawyer.