Is metabase destined to create advanced data analyses?

Hi everyone,

I and my colleagues are using Metabase to offer dashboards for our clients. We value the tool but we want to develop more advanced data science analyses. However we're facing some limitations especially about map visualization.
Type of features needed

  • Point of interest on maps
  • Display "explaination pop-up" when map overing
  • Different map visualizations
    ^------ overall : more flexibility with maps

We're aware that Metabase is intended to be available for any type of users (not especially data scientists) which leads us to some questions :

  • Is Metabase only destined for basic analyses to stay intelligible by everyone ?
  • Does the addition of "more advanced" features really fit in with the idea of Metabase when some specific tools do it very well ?
  • Therefore do evolutions towards advanced map visualizations are planned (flow maps, timespace distribution maps etc.) ?

Let me know if we have misunderstood some points.
Thank you in advance for your answers and I hope it's gonna help us, and others people, to figure out the real purpose / motivations of Metabase ! :slight_smile:


Hi @Valentin

It sounds like you might be looking for some of the features and bugs in this category:
I would recommend that you upvote the issues by clicking :+1: on the first post

As far as more advanced data analysis, yes, as long as it's still kept user-friendly.