Is metabase support to connect impala data source?

Please let me know metabase is support to connect impala data source or not.

Is our current list of supported databases.

Support Apache Impala database · Issue #3002 · metabase/metabase · GitHub is the tracking issue. In general, we're slow to add drivers until it's clear there are going to be people using them in production, vs just trying things out.

Hello Sameer,

Is there update regarding Impala Connection ?
I saw something between your tickets.

How should I modify these files( impala.clj - spec.clj)

Many Thanks


I’ve built a Metabase Impala Driver based on several examples like hive_like driver.
I’ve been using it and it’s working properly.

You can download it (both .jar file and source files) on:

Hope it helps!

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Hello Brenoae,

impala default port is: 21050 , and host where is impala daemon.
but you driver is on the port : 10000 (beeline (hive))
or maybe I am wrong.