Is there a way to access an archived question through URL?

for some reason I have a problem accessing the metabase archive. Is there a way to access an archived question (for which I know its id and name), directly through the URL?

eg. The question is "123-sample_question"

Could I access it somehow with "" or ""

None of the above works, but just giving and example. Unfortunately I don't have access to the archive and can't see if there is a URL, when hovering over an archived question.

Hi @apollon
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Why can't you access the archive?
See the workarounds here for how to unarchive a question

Hi @flamber,
thank you very much for your reply! Appreciated.

As there is already a team working on our archive issue, I was just exploring if there is a possibility to access an archived question through the URL, so that I can quickly and easily overcome the issue. Hopefully I will be able to if/when they fix the issue we face, but until then I wanted to check if there is a URL workaround. I have searched quite a lot this and other forums on the internet, but have not found something. Unfortunately I can't recall when hovering the mouse over an archived question, if I was getting a target URL or not...