Is there a way to alias integer (enum) columns?

I’m coming to Metabase from a Rails background, and enums are used fairly often there. i.e., a table may have:

color: 0 | 1 | 2

and the application code has

enum color: %w{red green blue}

I’ve been able to use the built in filters to say “WHERE color = 0”, but it would be awesome if in the metadata (or somewhere) I could give “hints” to the filter, so that it would be a drop down with “Red”, “Blue”, “Green”.

Does anyone know if that is current functionality? Or is the general consensus to make that into a separate table with foreign key constraints? I’ve looked through the documentation and didn’t see anything, as well as nothing in the 0.20 changeset.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

We don’t currently offer a way to do this.

Mind opening an issue at

Thanks for your quick response, sameer! I’ve opened a ticket here - been loving working with Metabase so far!

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We’re interested in having this implemented either by sponsoring a bounty is donating developer time - can I get a rough estimate of the scope of the work required?