Is there a way to copy models, etc from one environment to another?

We have two self-hosted copies of Metabase: staging and prod. We would like to develop models, etc in staging and then "promote" them to prod. Is there a recommended way to do this? We are hosting the metabase internal databases on MySQL on AWS RDS and we are quite comfortable with SQL so we could do something at the database level of that is possible.

Serialization is available on Pro and Enterprise plans to meet this need:

Alternatively, you could consider leveraging the API to create and update cards between instances:

The API is not versioned - so do consider that. The database can also change between versions so I would lean towards leveraging the API over the DB directly because the endpoints will always be aware of the current schema. The payloads for the endpoints aren't documented so the best way to understand what that looks like right now is to explore with the network tab of your browser.