Is there a way to count elements in a json on Metabase?

I have a column in my metabase table where the column entry is like the following:
“text_fields”: {
“Weight”: “{:optional=>true, :priority=>4, :index=>false}”
“checkbox_fields”: {},
“dropdown_fields”: {
“Brand Name”: “{:optional=>false, :priority=>1, :index=>false, :options=>[“Non Branded”]}”
I want to get a net count of

The desired answer, in this case, will be : 2 ( 1 text field + 0 checkbox field + 1 dropdown field )

Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi @ishan
Currently not via the interface, you would have to make a Native/SQL query.

What is the custom query
Please help

@ishan That’s a regular query question, not really related to Metabase, so ask in a forum that can help with your database. You can probably find the answer on