Is there a way to customise a behaviour of a link?

Hi, thanks for your product, it's fantastic!

We came across a question - is that possible to bind a custom logic to the link field, I mean onClick = '...javascript..." or use params from browser address line in a field to produce a custom URL, like metabase/filterField=123&NonFilterField=for_url -> a href='anotheresource/?myField=for_url'.../a

Our application opens a Metabase chart in an embedded Chromium browser, and we need to provide a chart with additional data to produce a link to another resource. Still, there is no data in the DB used by the Metabase chart, so we need to pass the data somehow.

Maybe there is an approach / best practice you can recommend.

Thanks a lot

Hi @the-loyal-one
It's not possible to intercept clicks, if that's what you're asking for. It is something that we have been looking into (for the Enterprise Edition), but currently no timeline for that.
I don't fully understand what you're trying to do. Perhaps it's possible to do something currently, perhaps it would require you to make your own build of Metabase.

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