Is there a way to recover questions?

After my Mac crashed, I cannot get Metabase to connect to its db again. I’ve tried everything without luck. I am just pleading to know if there’s a way I can recover my more than 70 questions from the old

If there’s none, this should really be a priority because you can’t have people losing all their data just because of computers crashing. This is the most frustrating experience with software in a long while.

Once in production, you’d use a proper database (MySQL or Postrgresql) and have a backup.

I just run metabase in local since I don’t need to have it in production. I’m not sure if this answer means there’s no way to recover the questions and that the h2 database should never be trusted. I’m not sure why would a database get corrupted just by a computer crash anyways, it’s quite surreal :confused:

Ultimately, all databases are just files on a computer hard drive. As such, they can be corrupted. ‘Proper’ databases have transactions logs so they can be recovered, but h2 is only there to get you going. It is easy to backup though - just copy the files.

Yep, had I known I’d just copied them :_(