Is there a way to turn off the Schema table and field caching function of MetaBase

When I link to the Hive database, I find or pull all the table data under the database. When my database is large, serious problems will occur. I will report that the MySQL database resources used by MetaBase occupy a lot, and will constantly request the metadata of the database.

I now have the following ideas, and I don't know whether they can be realized:

  1. Turn off the caching function of MetaBase. :sob:

  2. Display the library tables with permissions in the Hive library through the login user (in this way, I create a Java service, and after configuring All, all library table information will be returned to MetaBase)

Hi @jinyangrao
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

I think you are mixing several different things together, but it's difficult to understand exactly what you are referring to, since it's not caching (

I'm guessing you are talking about scan of field values, which you can disable:

Thank you for your answer, what I'm talking about is scanning field values, when I go to scan Hive's SQL source, because the database is a database, users will often query the SQL of large data groups. Some resources are linked to Hive's resource resource pool. Occupy the point, trigger other databases, is it possible to turn off the function of scanning fields, and obtain Hive data information through query in real time.

@jinyangrao I don't understand what you mean, but you can disabled field scanning in the link I provided.