Is there any issues related using Vitess as Metabase DataSource Connection?

I am planning to migrate/scale MySQL with Vitess as my own DataSource.
Currently this MySQL data source frequently used as one of main metrics data.
I wonder if someone already tried to use Vitess and having no problems came from MySQL?

Hi @ans4175
Vitess uses a different way to represent time, so that will likely be a problem unless you create a custom driver:

oh wow thanks, but speak from your experience @flamber , how do you handle Vitess on Metabase?
Or to be more general, which approach would you do if you want to scale MySQL as Metabase Datasource?

@ans4175 I don’t use Vitess. Scaling MariaDB/MySQL can be done with replication or something like Galera - it depends on the use, how much data, fail-over and much more, but you’ll find much better answers to that on, since it has nothing to do with Metabase.