Is there any way load from h2 to h2?

I'd been running metabase using docker
but at a time I should restart container

so I backup /metabase.db using

docker cp metabase:/metabase.db metabase_backup

and attach the volume named "metabase_backup" to new container

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -v metabase_backup:/metabase.db -e "MB_DB_FILE=/metabase.db" --name metabase1 metabase/metabase 

I refer to this disscusion: How to load metabase's database backup inside Docker container? - #9 by hecekgl

but metabase create new h2 db and my dashboard is not loaded

I dont know why but that issue is half solved
'half' mean my first dashboard are not loaded by the approach that I write at this discussion(docker cp and attach the volume into new container)

but when I make a new dashboard in the new container(with 'metabase_backup volume') and stop the new container
and when I make a new new container with the volume, the dashboard that I make in the new container is loaded

since the first dashboard was just for test, maybe I'll use the volume

is it related to metabase account that created at starting new metabase?
actually I'd forgot my account at first metabase container(where my first dashboard exist), so I made a new account when I created the new container
I thought that account is just local account

Take the absence of replies as a very strong hint. Don't use H2! It's fine for initial setup but you need to use a proper database as soon as possible for both performance and reliability.