Is there something wrong with 'Analyze the results of this query'?

Hi there!
there’s a question trouble me.
when my team member use ‘Analyze the results of this query’,they can’t download the result.but I can(I’m administrator).please help me!!!It shows like this:

Running metabase 0.31.0 here.

Hi @mushroom
You might want to upgrade to 0.31.2, since there were permission fixes.
Maybe the users don’t have data access? Check in Settings > Admin > Permissions.

I’ve checkd,they have data access :joy:,thank u very much!

I’ve upgraded to 0.31.2 ,but the issue still exist

Are you also having problems with permission on Collections, where Filters in Dashboards doesn’t work for your users?
Then it could be related to this bug:

no,I’ve given them unrestricted access to both collections and data.As I I known,permission of dashboards is determined by the permission of collections and data,is that right?

Are you using Foreign Keys to tables, where the users don’t have permissions?
Check your browser console for errors - or the Metabase log.

I guess my issue has nothing to do with Foreign Keys tables (only one table was queried).I’m checking the log

I’m sure it’s a bug.:sweat_smile:It sometimes work sometimes not!!!oh,my god! I just download the result successful,all steps are the same

It doesn’t work again,the error shows API endpoint does not exist


You have to post the error - you can remove sensitive information like domain name.

And can you post an example, when it works - an when it doesn’t work.

The question is a native query,and the steps are as follow:

when it works,they can downlaod the result.When it doesn’t,the error like this:

And I’ve checked the log,the log shows the error is they don’t have query permission,but I’ve given them unrestricted access to both collections and data. The log is as follow:

new users can only put one image in a post,sorry for multiple responses @


I have never seen something like that before.

Does the problem only happen on specific questions?

Or is it any question, but sometimes you can download other times you get the error “API endpoint does not exist” ?

It happens on any native query questions


Okay, so now I’ve replicated it :clap: :clap: :clap:
The only solution I have right now is to grant access to “SQL Queries” for that group (or All Users) :frowning:

But I’ve already created the bug - go and vote by clicking the :+1:

Thank u so much!