Is there something wrong with panel of choose date

when I do one same query,using date condition of var type text like “2018-12-23” to “2018-12-25”(picture 2) the result is different like use date panel(picture 1),is there something wrong with the return value of date panel.

thanks for heip!

Hi @cedrus

Which version are you using? And which database are you connecting to?

I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but can you check what actual query is by opening developer tools in the browser, go to Network tab, run the query again to make the POST request show, select the request, go to Response sub-tab, find data>native_form>query

(This is how it looks in Firefox - I think Chrome is similar, but might be slightly different)


@flamber Thanks for your help!My metabase version is v0.28.1.database is mysql.I got this by your way.
use var text
use date panel

I think this differences lead to that result.
Thank Your.

Finally,i use STR_TO_DATE(BEGINDATE,"%Y-%m-%d") in my procedure to Solve this problem.

Great - it seems a little hacky, but as long as it works :slight_smile:
Do you know that Metabase 0.31.2 is the newest release? There’s a lot of changes since 0.28.1, so I cannot say for sure if your problem was fixed.

Yes,I do know my release is old.But its OK for date panel return UTC time format(it has more infomation),and I don’t think new release change this.I will try new release,because sometimes my metabase get stuck and run out my cpu.:disappointed_relieved: