Issue on building docker image

I'm generating docker image from source 0.39 but during the build I receive this error:

[0m�[91mDownloading: org/clojure/data.codec/0.1.0/data.codec-0.1.0.jar from central
�[0m�[91mDownloading: com/hypirion/io/0.3.1/io-0.3.1.jar from clojars
�[0m�[31mStep failed: No matching clause: �[0m
[{:type java.lang.IllegalArgumentException,
:message "No matching clause: ",
:at [build$edition_from_env_var invokeStatic "build.clj" 11]}],
[[build$edition_from_env_var invokeStatic "build.clj" 11]

I'm using this Docker file:

@Luiggi I saw the ARG MB_EDITION=oss variable is already set on the script.

Do you know where the issue is?


Here the complete log:

Thanks for any tips,

which branch are you building from?
can you send us the command you are using to build?

It's on v0.39
Thanks for your support I found an error on accessing env variable MB_EDITION

Now it's fixed!