Issue on SAML SSO redirection

Hi guys,

I am having this issue on SSO redirection. When I call the below URL from an iframe, it is not redirecting to the URL specified in the redirect function.

It is redirecting to the default landing page as specified in the Appearance Settings

Does anyone here encountered the same issue? Hope to hear from anyone soon. Thanks!

Hi @froilan.benito
Please use the email support, when using the Pro/Enterprise plans.
You should just use relative paths, example /dashboard/1?filter=value
If you look in your browser developer Network-tab, then you should see the manually defined redirect path being send to the SAML IdP, which can then either return that path or completely overrule it, but that's outside of Metabase's control.

Hi @flamber

it still not redirecting to the correct URL. It should redirect to the below URL.

But it's redirecting to the default page instead.

Maybe I am missing something?