Issue when downgraded to v0.45.1 to v0.46.0

I recently installed v0.46.0 version as part of testing. But I was getting error when i am using field filters in the sql native editor.

It is working fine for the very first field filter,


But on adding the second filter, it is creating issue.


So decided to downgrade to previous version. But then facing another issue, while metabase is coming up.

@flamber Please help. Is there any bug in the new version?

Any solution for this?

not for now, but we escalated this as it's very very bad

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As of now, I am trying to downgrade, but it seems a lot of tables are altered once I ran v0.46.0. So now I getting errors with v0.45.1 version. Any solution for this?

You can test with this command: Upgrading Metabase

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