Issue with dashboard linking

Metabase version : v0.34.3

Database : Snowflake

Issue with dashboard linking

I want to link a dashboard with another dashboard with filtered data.

For example, in the below screen shot of first daskboard, when I click on the IP Address (eg:, it will pop up a link (360 IP View).

When you click on the link, it will open up another dashboard - 360 IP View - and which will only show the details of that particular IP in all the charts in the dashboard which I’ve selected in the first dashboard ie:, this filtering should happen automatically in the second dashboard based on the IP I have selected in the first dashboard.

Is there any way I can make it out in Metabase? This is one of our requirement and its working in another tool. I want to replicate the same in Metabase.

Hi @reebajose
That currently only possible with the Enterprise Edition feature called Custom Drill-Through
With the upcoming expression feature in 0.35.0, then this should be fairly easy to create with CONCAT on a new column and creating a custom link:

Thank you for the confirmation Flamber