Issue with filter drop down list


I made a question and in its filter I don’t see a drop down list of its values. In the Data Model section I edited it as a category field and I selected the option saying that the results will be shown as a list of values.

Is it possible that there is a maximum limit of distinct values in such fields?

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Hi @petar777
Using Metabase 0.32.8 right?
How many distinct values do you have? I can’t remember the exact number, but if there’s more than X items, then the dropdown list turns into a search box.

Hi again @flamber

Thats what I came up for a workaround for my issue from the previous topic. However, the list is big - more than 900 values. It is a big database of products (each of them having thousands of orders).

Is it possible for me to increase this “X” so that I can add them easily? At least start writing their names and filter out the ones I need…

So you want to show 900 values in the list?
If you have a search filter (Field Filter), then when you start typing, it will list the options that start with that string.

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Thanks a ton! Thats what I was looking for at the first place. I don’t know how I missed it. All the best!!! :+1:t4: