Issue with metabase! Urgent

Hey i am new to metabase .We are using this for marketing.I don’t know much about databases.Lately i found that it is not giving correct data.I want my reports to give results in IST.When i change timezone to asia/calcutta it is still giving wrong answer.If i check select now() it is adding 5:30 minute to IST.

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Sorry for the trouble. Looks like you might be encountering this issue?

In that issue, @tom suggested:

I’m guessing this has something to do with IST being 5:30 ahead of UTC.

You can set the server timezone by settings the JAVA_TIMEZONE environment variable on Elastic Beanstalk (maybe to Asia/Kolkata?)

Can you elaborate on how to change this on elastic beanstalk ?

thanks a lot.It is fixed.