Issue with Text Boxs (no scroll bar)

Hey guys!

After the new updates, when having texts boxes bigger than the window itself, it doesn’t allow it to scroll down to see the whole content.


Anyone having this same issue? Didn’t saw anything on Github.

Opened an issue for this here:

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I read above which says it's been fixed but here's my screen shot of 42.2.

@GeneW Does Safari even show scroll bars by default? I know it's disabled by default on OSX, don't know about their mobile edition.

OK, learned something, thanks.

The text box scroll bars work on desktop Chrome, not on desktop Safari, regardless of the System Preferences>General>Show Scroll Bars setting (Safari 15.2).

The text box scroll bars do not seem to work on mobile Chrome nor mobile Safari. iPhone 13 Pro, 15.3.1