Issue with Upgrading Metabase from 0.48.13 to 0.49.xx or higher

Dear Metabase Support Team,
I am currently facing difficulties in updating Metabase from version 0.48.13 to the latest 0.50.10. Even when I update to 0.49.xx is problem. After the upgrade, when I run Metabase, it only runs for a short while, displaying the Metabase splash screens. It gets stuck at this point and does not proceed to the login page. Shortly after, the Metabase service sometimes stops on its own, or it continues running but remains stuck without reaching the login page.

The operating system I am using is Ubuntu 20.04 Server LTS, and the database is MariaDB 10.3.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your help.
Taufik Singgih

Can you upgrade the application database? Also, can you move to 50.11? We made a lot of performance fixes for MySQL there

Hi Luigi,
Thank you for your response.
What is the minimum version of MariaDB for Metabase 0.50.11?

Best Regards
Taufik Singgih