Issues about sum of duration(Time: HH:MM:SS)

We are facing an issue to make to sum of each duration (with sql Table type time: HH:MM:SS)

Currently we have a SQL Table with each field, below:

Table: vantage_jobs
id int(11) AI PK
JobName varchar(100)
State varchar(100)
Started datetime
WorkflowName varchar(1000)
JobRunTime type time
JobQueueTime time
VimnBrand varchar(100)
InputFileDuration type time
TranscodingTime type time
JobType varchar(100)
FinalCustomer varchar(100)
FinalPlatform varchar(100)
file_rec_date datetim

Please focus about InputFileDuration type, when we make basic request sql:
SELECT * FROM monitoring_system.vantage_jobs;

We have “InputFileDuration” -> HH:MM:SS for exemple 00:20:10.
This is each file duration.

When we use this request in MySQL:
SELECT WorkflowName AS Workflow_name,count(*) AS NUMBERS, SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC (InputFileDuration) )) AS InputFileDurations FROM vantage_jobs.

We have that we want, sum of each file duration with SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( TIME_TO_SEC (InputFileDuration) )) AS InputFileDurations .

However, in Metabase, we can’t use SEC_TO_TIME and TIME_TO_SEC.
And we have make a lot of test, with editing sql, but nothing else.

Could you please help me about this ? or if you have the best way to make this sum of duration ?

In advance many thanks
best regards