Issues connecting to MongDB BI connector in Metabase

do we need an ODBC data connection or a System DSN while connecting to MongoDB BI connector? I’m not able to connect to MongoDB BI connector on Metabase and Im using following configuration settings as shown in below snapshot.
Im facing connection timedout error while saving the configuration settings

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Hi @LokeshPalacharla
Are you talking about “MongoDB Connector for BI” ?
Then it needs a special driver and not the standard MongoDB driver, but there’s currently only a request - I haven’t seen a public driver for BI. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

hey @flamber! thank you for your reply! I am using ‘MongoDB connector for BI’ to talk with MongoDB on Metabase, so that I can query in SQL. I’m new to Metabase probably need to work on it, but i was able to connect to the MongoDB connector for BI to other visualization tools like power BI and even excel through ODBC connectors. Any particular lead you can point to?
Thank you for all your help.

@LokeshPalacharla ODBC is the standard connector on Windows (if I remember correctly) - Metabase uses Java, so all drivers are JDBC, but still need to be formatted to the structure of Metabase.
Unless you feel up to the challenge to try to code a driver (Java/Clojure), then it’s probably not going to be possible for you to use Metabase with that datasource until there’s a driver available.

Looks like the MongoDB BI connector is really a bridge offering up SQL with a MySQL compatible interface:

So maybe As an alternative to what @flamber suggests try the MySQL driver in Metabase. I do not know how compatible the BI driver is with plan MySQL and it’s JDBC driver though so YMMV. Also if you search for MongoDB BI you may find past posts on the topic. Not sure how compatibility has evolved since those.

hey @jornh thanks for your reply! Yes I am trying to conenct through MySQL type but I’m facing SSL connection error - “ssl is required when using cleartext authentication” as in below snapshot.

I’m able to connect to Mysql work bench using the same Mongdb BI connector as in below snapshot.

Having the same issue - is there anyway to fix this ??

I have the same problem. I was able to connect by using MySQL Workbench, DBeaver however Metabase is not able to connect to BIConnector, due to the obscure SSL problem. Can someone have a chance to check it?

I have the same issue