Issues in creating field filters

I am new to Metabase so am facing issues at several instances. I am trying to create a field Filter and want to incorporate a case statement .

WHEN l.list_status=160 THEN ‘Round 1 completed’
WHEN l.list_status=170 THEN ‘Round 1.5 live’
WHEN l.list_status=180 THEN ‘Round 1.5 completed’
WHEN l.list_status=190 THEN ‘Round 2 live’
WHEN l.list_status=200 THEN ‘Awaiting Approval’
WHEN l.list_status=250 THEN ‘Approved’
WHEN l.list_status=300 THEN ‘Rejected’
WHEN l.list_status=325 THEN ‘Trade Started’
WHEN l.list_status=350 THEN ‘Disqualified(margin not paid before start time)’
WHEN l.list_status=400 THEN ‘Auction Completed Without Bids’
WHEN l.list_status=450 THEN ‘Deleted by creator’
END) IN {{status}} ]]

This is showing error. I want a ‘Status’ Filter with dropdown values as ‘Round 1 completed’, ‘Round 1.5 live’ …etc But right now in dropdown its showing corresponding Values…like 160,170…etc.

In the table the values are like…‘Round 1 completed’, ‘Round 1.5 live’ …etc

Hi @prashantpnd07
That’s not how Field Filters work - read this:
You should use remapping on the list_status column: