Issues with email password reset

I’m trying to reset my password for my Metabase account (logging in through but I have still not received the email with an option to do this after several tries. Our engineering then tried to set up login with gmail authorization so that we are able to sign in with a Google account that matches the company email domain in addition to our Metabase name and password. Our engineer is also encountering the following error when setting it up:

Because of this I cannot access my account nor reset a password to do so - the engineer who set this up has tried several solutions on her end but I still don’t have a correct password.

Hi @haleyktran
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And any errors from Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs, and the browser developer console, during failed login.

If you’re using Google Auth, then you don’t need to reset password, since the authentication process is handled by Google, and Metabase just gets a token.

And have a look here:

When the engineer attempted to set up the gmail authentication (as an alternative to not being able to reset the password for my individual account), the above error was shown. Is there a way to contact an administrator about our specific company domain?

When the administrator for our company account tried to perform a password reset for my individual account, was my individual email supposed to receive a password reset? I still have not received any emails with guidance

@haleyktran You are referencing an error, but haven’t shown it. You need to get help from whoever has access to the server. It was likely setup incorrectly, which is probably why you’re not receiving a password reset email.