Its safe to downgrade?


Yesterday I just update metabase to 0.43, but we are geting so much problemns that we are consedering downgrade. Is it safe?
Out metabase is ins ECS cluster, and we still have that last task (v0.42.4)

Hi! You need to recover the backup. It's never safe to downgrade versions

Hi @geovani
Downgrading is not supported officially. You should always revert to a backup.
But I've made sure that you can downgrade to 0.42.4 for most setups. That's not a guarantee.

Though, if you don't report issues, then they will never be fixed, so perhaps you could elaborate on the problems you are having (besides relative date with non-English setups) ?

Yes Is will report, but right now its eveything sxploding here :rofl:

idk why, but new metabase its SUPER SLOW now, some dashboards just don't load, the category filter sometimes appers some values, some times don't.

normaly when we remember de dashboard ID, we just put that id on url to open dashboard, like http://myamazingmetabase.local/dashboard/123
but when we do this, its never load, we just got a white screen that never load.

Tomorrow I will try open some issues here

when you say backup, it's a database backup?

@geovani Like it says on every release note, backup the application database before upgrading: