I've created demos and showed them to a company

Last week I’ve created 2 demos (Demo 1, Demo 2) using Metabase and I was showing them to my friends. One of my friends called me back and said: I’ve shown them to our sales manager and he liked it. Yesterday I met them and I got their requests. If we can agree on everything I will install Metabase on their server, I will create queries/views/dashboards and there will be a 1 hour class for that also.
I think that giving support for an open source project is an opportunity but although I am an ERP solution provider, I’ve couldn’t do that before.

I think that time has come for giving community to something back.

PS: I think that this forum should have a “Appreciations” or “Experiences” category which users can log negative/positive experiences about Metabase. It may encourage developers.

FYI demo links didn’t work when I clicked.

edit: Ah, it did work - it was just super slow at loading

Yes, they are super slow because I don’t have a server and bandwidth of my current office is very limited. Thank you for the info by the way.