Java for driver development?


I’m interested in writing a custom driver but was wondering if it’s possible to do in Java and not Clojure? I presume it must be since it’s a jar but the steps dont mention

I’m not against learning clojure but it’s far easier for me and perhaps others in the community to build and maintain an open source project written in Java as opposed to keeping up and maintaining a Clojure based project

I code in Scala, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, W3 and python on a weekly basis so am not averse to learning new languages- I’m just being practical about my time and what I can contribute for upkeep with a language + open source project that I only need for a specific small niche.

I really like Metabase and want to create a custom driver but making the plugin requirement Clojure only does limit the audience.

Would be great if someone can articulate the instructions for creating a Metabase custom driver in Java…and again I think this lowers the barrier to entry and only enhances and opens up the community + adoption

Thank you