JDBC - How to visualize requests and responses


I’m trying to build a specific driver for Dremio.

I get some errors, but current logs are not always very useful.
How could I visualize all requests and responses done by JDBC, and specifically for SQL-JDBC ?
I mean visualize the built SQL requests, and responses provided by my source, aka Dremio in my case.


Hi @arsenikstiger,

Be sure to ping @reydavid - I know they were working on a Dremio driver as well.

re: extra logging, you can certainly drop debug statements in your code. I did this in my Datasette driver to see what queries were getting sent to the API, there’s an example of that here: https://github.com/dacort/metabase-datasette-driver/blob/master/src/metabase/driver/datasette.clj#L26

You can also bump up the log levels for the Metabase driver and query processor namespaces, which will give you a ton more info. There’s an example of that in this log4j configuration file and you can even just use that one by specifying a JVM parameter on the command line:

java -Dlog4j.configuration=https://gist.githubusercontent.com/dacort/19d92572b669adc4437e3e30c7ca85a4/raw/dcb75efbdde00fceec991b1c959d6c86d21674f4/metabase-debug.log4j.properties -jar metabase.jar