Jetty going to sleep? (HTTP ERROR 500)


I often get an HTTP 500, I then refresh, and all is well. see two different examples below.

It looks like there is something that times out and is awakened on Refresh. Is it Jetty?
Sometimes, I have to sign-in again.

I use a Metabase docker (on Google Container Engine) implementation with configuration database MySQL (on Godaddy)

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Second problem

Possibly related issue:

As I mentioned in the github issue, this is our connection to the application database being closed.

If you’re already on GCE, I’d recommend using their Cloud SQL MySQL hosting.

Is this related? It's still an issue for me and happens with different docker setups, so...

My problem was that I had many SELECTs on database. Each time I was creating a connection and then closing it. Although I was closing the connection every time, but the system faced with many connections and gave me that error. What I did was that I defined my connection variable as a public (or private) variable for whole class and initialized it in the constructor. Then every time I just used that connection. It solved my problem and also increased my speed dramatically.

By the way launching the MariaDB container with the CMD --bind-address= actually seems to fix in some way the issue… so far at least :slight_frown: