Join a SQL Query with a DB-Table

im creating a table with the SQL/native query editor. Is it possible to join the table ( generated with SQL) with a table from my database?

No, you can only join a to saved questions that aren’t custom SQL (seems a shame though)

Edit: Sorry Maz (next post), you’re right it should work and it does!
Problem is that I created the SQL question, the immediately tried to create a question that used the newly saved question. Tried again today and it works.
I think CTRL-F5 would have made it appear earlier.

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Actually that’s not correct — you should be able to join a saved SQL question to a DB table. Here’s an example using a MySQL DB:

Are you both unable to do this? What type of databases are you querying? I’d love to know if this is a bug.


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Now i played a little bit around. It kinda works now,

But there is still a problem. All SQL querys with more than 6 Joins are not showing up in my “Saved Questions” when im “Asking a Question”

Furthermore, it seems i cant join a SQL Query or Database with another Database. Is this right?

Im using Postgres