JSONB value is causing Metabase to not load tables

We have a table and it has a JSONB column. Within that column we have an ID field. That ID field is often what looks like a number, but not always. I.e. 1000000000 or thisisanid are both valid. This is because this field specifically is used for 3rd parties to store their IDs.

In metabase it appears its trying to force it to a bigint which is now causing our entire table to not load.

ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bigint: "txnId"

Is the error we get when loading a table for example. How do we fix this? This is totally blocking us from using Metabase fully since now we cant see any of these records that arent numbers

What version are you running? Something is indicating that you have a nested JSON structure, which might hit this issue:

We are running 0.49.2

I see that says closed. Any idea why it'd still be failing or how to get around it besides disabling the JSON unfolding since that's a really important feature for us.

Will need to look into that but one option would be to create a view at DB level which would flatten the json object ... It's also more efficient and gives you more control on what gets extracted