Know current Metabase edition or plan

I'd like to know my current Metabase edition or plan. Is there way to find it whether it is open-source or starter or pro or enterprise from my Metabase console/UI ?

When I click about Metabase option it gives only below information but not about its edition or plan.
Thanks for using Metabase!
You're on version v0.xx.x
Built on YYYY-MM-DD
Metabase is a Trademark of Metabase, Incand is built with care in San Francisco, CA

Hi @sandhya
You are using the free open source edition, which the v0 of the version indicates.

Thanks for that. Just for knowledge, how could I find each edition differentiates ?
v0 - open source
? - starter
? - pro
? - enterprise

One more question, is below feature available for me ?

@sandhya Here's a comparison:
You'll need Pro or Enterprise to get whitelabel functionality.