Labels for x-rays

Just trying out Metabase - clicked x-ray for a table. Just wow.

On closer inspection I saw two of the first cards both titled “My_things added in the last 30 days”. Numbers were different.
Clicked them and found out that one was base on a column “redigeret” where the other was based on “tilføjet”.
Is there a way to customize this behaviour?
Can I supply some form of term-mapping?

I should note that I turned of the helpful formatting (or similarly named) because it was very much not helpful.
Also of note is that many terms in our DW are Danish, and I found that Metabase isn’t (yet) localized for Denmark.

Hej @aalasso

You can change how x-rays behave via Admin > Data Model by setting the closest matching Field Type for your columns of data.

Yes, if your database columns are not in English, then the Friendly Names are not very useful.

You are more than welcome to help translating Metabase in Danish - that can be done via
(Jeg burde måske ha’ gjort det allerede, men det er et større projekt og kræver en del tid)

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Thanks, @flamber!

I see it.
I’m surprised to see that there is nothing resembling “edit date”. In fact the Field Type > Date and Time options sound like something that would be specific to certain types of data. “Cancelation”, “Join”, e.g. sound like subscription-oriented words.
Is there any way to add your own categories?

If we end up deciding to continue with Metabase, translating (or at least taking part in translating :wink: ) might be within reach - starting from scratch on 24K words and only being included when coverage is 100% is somewhat daunting, though.


edit date = “Updated date”?

Yeah, the types are a bit specific currently. There are several reason for that, legacy being one of them, but also that it wouldn’t be possible to do “smart” x-rays on custom field types, since x-rays are currently structured based on the know field types.
It’s a tricky subject you’re getting into, but you can have a look at how x-rays are generated by looking at these files:

Translating entire Metabase sounds like a great Christmas project, when you’re enjoying lock-down :wink:
I remember translating Thunderbird by myself during a long weekend. It was 12k strings - not words.

edit date = “Updated date”?


It’s a tricky subject you’re getting into

I don’t doubt that at all. My initial reaction to x-raying the first tabel was reminiscent of Magikarp Guy :slight_smile:

Tangential to this (x-ray dashboards):

I tried x-raying two more tables, where Metabase seems to begin building the dashboard, then it disappears to be replaced by a splash screen, and then I am returned to home.
Seems like some process is crashing behind the scenes.

The main thing I can think of that the two x-ray-failing tables have in common, and which is “un-common” to the succeeding table I was referencing before, is the presence of a jsonb column (which doesn’t follow a single schema, in case that matters).

@aalasso That sounds like it probably crashed during the generating process.
Post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And then all the lines from the time it causes the crash - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.
Perhaps it’s choking on something like jsonb like you say, but without the stacktrace, then it’s difficult to say.

That is odd: It works through the browser (Chrome).

But fails through the app.

I’m fine with that, I’ll just test in browser.

Do you still want me to post the logs (in case you’d want to investigate further)?

@aalasso Ohhh… you are using the Mac App? If yes, then don’t :slight_smile:

He, yes I am.
Just seemed (slightly) easier and presumably faster than running in Docker.

I’ll try not to :slight_smile:

@aalasso True dat, but the Mac App is fairly limited compared to other ways of running Metabase. It’s fine for a quick test run, but cannot be used for anything more than that.

I definitely weren’t planning on taking it to production :slight_smile:

Anyway, a few more thoughts regarding the original topic of labels:

I totally get that Metabase is trying to be friendly here. But, especially when I have disabled Friendly Names, I would argue that it was more user friendly (no pun intended :slight_smile:) to choose a formatting that doesn’t try to guess a better name for a column.
When clicking through, I can see the applied filter pill, and its formatting (e.g. “lukket Previous 30 Days”).

In fact, in this case at least, it would be perfectly legible, in stead of actually quite misleading, to display:

“Opgave lukket in the last 30 days”
rather than
“Opgave added in the last 30 days”

And making it even more techy (like opgave.lukket) might even be preferable, in that it highlights the origin of the data even more.

@aalasso You wouldn’t believe what I have seen people try to take into production :wink:

Friendly Names is on the table and column names, which are getting a new display name automatically:
You can still set a different display name for a table or column manually via Admin > Data Model.

Auto-generating anything is hard - doing it across many database types and languages is harder.
It’s not perfect - no auto-magic is - and if you think you have found a bug, or have ideas to a new specific functionality, then you are more than welcome to open an issue:

I’m sure it doesn’t help that your data structure is Danish, while the UI is English - that makes mixed strings a lot harder to read.