Labels in charts with multiple series

It’s great that Metabase can plot multiple series in one chart, like this:

However, there seems to be no way to see which curve represents which series.

I would like to feature request labels shown in charts with multiple series. The labels could be derived from the column headers.

we’re working on that in which is slated for 0.15, our next version.

If you have specific edge cases you’re interested, please chime in on where the conversation around that feature was done.

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Cool! Looking forward to it.

Is there a feature request already for being able to have multiple series non-stacked? Currently only stacked seems possible.

That Pull Request makes a lot of changes to how things work with multiple data series on charts. It’s scheduled for release next monday

0.15 went live yesterday, so if you update, you should be able to see how the feature works now

Hi. Trying to figure out how to use the new multiple series feature. The link to the “Visualizing multiple series” here is broken:

The documentation link works in 15.0:

sorry about that. just fixed that broken link. same content as the v0.15.0 docs though.