LAG() Function for Comparison

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I did an query where I calculated the count of created Documents based on the week. Now I’d like to compare the weekly count n with the count before n-1, the count before m-1 with n-2 and so on. I tried to use the LAG() function, but it seem as if it isn’t working with Metabase. Any suggestions?

count Dif
Week 01.03.2020 x
Week 08.03.2020 y y-x
Week 15.03.2020 z z-y

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did you find any answer to your problem? I intended to use the LEAD and LAG functions as a solution, but these do not apply to the metabase.

You would have to use those database-specific functions in Native (SQL) queries.
There’s a couple of issues open about windowing - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:

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