Large Database Takes Time To Load


We have a large MS SQL Database which has multiple schemas and large number of tables, which takes a lot of time to initialize. Most of the schemas/tables are not required to be pulled into metabase.

  1. Is it possible to Select individual schemas/tables while creating the Data source?
  2. Is there any way to minimize the initialization time?

We are aware of the Hiding Option in the Data Model

  1. Does hiding help in reduction of initialization time ?
  2. Does hiding help in reduction of re-sync time?

Hi @spanda

What is your definition of "large"? Hundreds, thousands, ...

If the database user, which Metabase uses, only has privileges to specific schemas and tables, then Metabase will only be able to see those, so that would be the main recommendation to setup.

Since you cannot hide tables before the initial load, then Metabase will have to sync first.
But once you hide a table, then Metabase will not sync this table again.

You should enable "This is a large database ...":
Note that you have to manually select the options in the Scheduling-tab until we have fixed this issue:

There's a request for being able to do schema/table restriction in Metabase: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thank You