Last login for users does not seem to be correct


I use metabase daily, bu the last login date is from 9 days ago.

Seems to be a bug?
Cheers, Eva

Apologies for the bump, but noticed this myself today.

A quick investigation: when I login, Metabase is dropping a SESSION_ID cookie, the contents of which correspond to the session id found in the core_session table; this seems to be the source of authentication, as if I remove this cookie I am forced to log back in. If I don’t remove it, I can close the tab I am working in and re-open Metabase without logging back in again.

So to me, the last login date found in core_session truly reflects the last login; this isn’t necessarily the last time you used Metabase, just the last time you had to login.

If you want to know the last time you used Metabase, I’m guessing the view_log table is your friend, as this should record what you’re viewing and when? Or the query_execution table?