Latest Metabase release / digital signage

Hi ,

We're using Metabase with public links until version 0.36 without issue on our samsung digital signage displays.

We upgraded metabase to latests builds (0.42, 0.41, 0.40, etc..) , everything runs well from a pc browser but nothing but blank screen on samsung displays (even the login page can't be displayed on them)

We had to roll back :confused:

Any one got an idea on how to correct this ?


Hi @ErwanQ
What is "samsung displays"? I'm guessing that you are running Metabase on some computer, and then there's a client (a browser) running somewhere, which is displaying the client on a screen (just like your own computer).
It all comes down to the browser if you are seeing a blank screen. Check the browser developer console.

it's digital signage screens with integrated browsers so i don't have any console or setting on them.



@ErwanQ Okay, Metabase requires a modern browser:

I understand even it's a pain as it's used to work perfectly and don't see any feature that would prevent it from working. Is there any workaround or should we just stay below 0.40 version ?

@ErwanQ Use a Chromecast or RaspberryPi as they have a modern browser. Depending on whatever "smart" TVs delivers will only cause problems in the long run. Try updating the firmware on the TV.

Without knowing which browser the TV comes with, or which errors it's triggering on, then it will be impossible to fix, but we would likely not invest time in trying to fix something like this, but you are welcome to submit a PR.

I agree, can be an idea to use chromecast/rasp. Thanks a lot for your answers.