Latest update breaks x-axis sorting

We just upgraded to 1.45.1, and sorting has become buggy when the sort column and the axis column are different.

For example, we are displaying test data by season (Fall, Winter, Spring) over two years. The column displayed on the x-axis consists of names like "Fall 2021-2022", "Winter 2021-2022", etc. By default, these values would sort alphabetically, so instead we mandate a sort by a "TestAdministrationSequence" column that forces chronology.

In previous editions, the sort was respected and the x-axis ordered properly. Now, however, the axis is sorting seemingly stochastically, respecting neither the alphabet nor our designated sort column.

With the sort column displayed:

With the display column displayed:

(I should add that there is no data for Spring 2021-2022, so the gap is expected.)

So far this behavior has been observed in stacked bar charts and scatter plots where the x-axis is set to "Ordinal". Any advice on how to remediate is appreciated.

Hi @alabay
Please use the support email when using the Pro/Enterprise plan.
I don't understand what you are doing in the question to reproduce this, so please include the question metadata by going to the URL /api/card/123, where 123 is the question ID.

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Hi I have the same issue,
Something is broken concerning the sort of the x-axis for stacked chart between v0.44.6 and v0.45.1.

UNTIL v0.44.6 (GOOD, sorted by ascending name):

FROM v0.45.1 (BAD, last three values are not sorted correctly):

Data are from a postgres server and data types are int4 for "Nombre Participants" and varchar for two others:

It could be related to new feature " Better charts and a new visualization settings UI" in Metabase 0.45