Latest update from Docker

Hi everyone,

i want to double check what is the latest version of Metabase on docker?
I'm using Metabase on my Synology NAS and download it from container manager, however it's been a while it's stuck at 0.49.13 and when i go to the admin interface, I'm told there is a 0.50 version available.

Should I wait until latest turns to 0.50? Or is there a bug in my setup?
I can see on your website that you only advertise Metabase 49 so I'm a bit lost on what to do !

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Hey there,

you can check directly on Docker Hub what is the latest version of Metabase.

My advice would be to add :latest tag to your metabase docker container, so that you pull always the most recent version.

Hope this helps!

Hi @BenTpe the reason is because the release notes haven't been released due to some performance issues:

Once these are addressed you should upgrade. On the :latest tag on that is a double edged sword because you will automatically get upgraded which is a plus but you might end up deploying a version which might have some issues. So I would say keep the actual release tag so you don't have surprises and when you are ready to upgrade just change the tag to the version you will release

Hi Tony, thanks for the answer!
My problem is that I am on the :latest tag, but my upgrade is still stuck to 0.49.13, and i thought it is weird...
In this case I'll wait until the team announces 0.50 officially and then see if latest is still stuck.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

What is the error you get when you try to upgrade? Can you share the docker config and let logs when you restart metabase

“Latest” is a mutable tag. Which means that is the latest the time you pull it… you should never ever do that and use immutable tags like v0.49.18

I finally found the problem - in container manager on my NAS I couldn't find anything, but on portainer I noticed that the "latest" image was not used, and instead the software was using a previous instance. I repulled it and now it works. Thanks for having taken the time to check.

Why not use latest? Since the database is separate and I backup every day, I thought it was OK to be on latest, since in case of problem i can revert to a previous backup... and Metabase is updating often with valuable functions. :slight_smile: