LDAP connection error


Ubuntu 22.04 is installed. I am using Metabase v0.47.4
When I make LDAP settings, I get the following error.

2023-10-13T23:16:50+03:00 DEBUG metabase.server.middleware.log POST /api/session 401 109.5 ms (2 DB calls) {:errors {:password "did not match stored password"}}

Below are the settings I made.

Where might the problem come from?

Your users need an email in the ldap dir, do they have one?

I didn't understand exactly what you meant.

My problem still persists. Is there anyone who can help?

hi, your users in the ldap directory should have an email address on their user profile. Do the users have an email?

see a working demo of Metabase and LDAP here GitHub - paoliniluis/metabase-ldap: Metabase connected with an LDAP server for SSO