LDAP Not assigning Admin Group to DN Automatically


I have 2 Issues:

I have configured
cn=Prod_AdmAccesos_appl,cn=Users,dc=XXXX,dc=local to be automatically group mapped in the Admin group, but it seems its not working.

  1. I can't find information on how "SYNC ADMINISTRATOR GROUP" works on LDAP.
    not sure what exactly is syncronizing, if you could point me to the right documentation or try to explain.

thanks in advance

Hi @guido

You use the "Edit mappings" - the "Sync Administrator Group" just means that admins are also included in the pool of users during sync. Some might want to control who are admins locally on their Metabase installation and not from LDAP, which might be controlled by a different department.

But for Enterprise Edition questions, please use the support email.