LDAP user and password but we configure user group in Metabase

I am new to LDAP. We would like to setup user authentication by LDAP. Access rights will be configured by Metabase since we would not set too many group in the LDAP. How to setup?

Moreover, after setup the LDAP authentication, we need to add the user in the admin page since we cannot find any user from LDAP in the People of admin page. Thanks.

Hi @hilaryfu
Sounds like you need to find some good tutorials on LDAP, so you can get it correctly setup and find your way around in it. This is probably not the right forum for that - try searching the internet - stackoverflow.com is a very good place for troubleshooting.

There’s a guide on how to configure LDAP on Metabase:

And just don’t enable “Synchronize group members”, then you control the groups in Metabase.

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