Legend on the map questions

Hi there,

I created a new question with a US State Map visualization but it shows weird labels in the legend, no US State names, just some numbers. Here is the screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/l/AKW8rBFzwN1N27z6vNyBdpgXQ_prdCj0V1s

Is there any way around this? I would expect to see something like this:
CA - 60
TX - 2
IL - 1

Thanks in advance,

The “legend” is a scale for colors. It’s meant to help you understand what a color stands for, rather than repeat the data in the map.

The choice of binning is really weird however.

Makes sense now, thank you!

If you still see the weird histogram boundaries (eg, 12.8) as you have more results, can you chime in? It might just be an issue with small data sizes.

Also, do you mind if I use the screenshot in a github issue? We can’t promise to fix the binning issue right away (as I think it’s an issue with our underlying charting library rather than code we wrote), but it’s something I’d like to come back to.

Sure, you can use a screenshot. I’ll let you know if I see any more results with weird boundaries.
Thanks again!