Line chart with multiple X series not working correct

I just upgraded our metabase to v0.33.2, and I find there is some problem with line chart.

I have a table with 3 columns:
create table metabase_issue(page string, week string, pv int);
insert into metabase_issue values('p1','w1',5),('p1', 'w2', 9),('p2','w1',6),('p2','w2',6);

I have a question select week, page, pv from metabase_issue;, and I want to use line chart with series ‘page’ and ‘week’ for our table, but I find it doesn’t work correctly

however, if I change the order of column in SQL to select page, week, pv from metabase_issue;, it can work correctly

I think this might be a issue, since I didn’t have to specify the column in the same order as in line chart X-axis setting in previous version.

Any ideas?

Very strange. I’ve tried changing column names, making the integer a decimal, but alway the same odd result. Switching the axis doesn’t help as you can see in your original attempt: your x axis has page, but with week labels.
I replicated using:

Hi @yuanfei
You’re most likely seeing issue 10818, which already has a fix waiting to be merged and should possibly be released in 0.33.3

Thanks for identify the issue, I’m looking forward to the next release!